Case Studies

Whether projects are large or small, we strive to create meaningful experiences for our clients through our attention to detail and adherence to deadlines. Check out these case studies to understand how we work.

Case Studies
Some of our work

From simple ideas to fully developed applications. We make every step of the process worthwhile.
AVLAC Web Application Ipad

Web Application

In this digital transformation project, the goal was to eliminate entropy between management, employees and customers. Our client works with wood products, and it was difficult for them to make accurate estimates for budgets and delivery dates.
Coreworkers Website Imac


Coreworkers is an educational institution that wanted to showcase its educational offerings while clearly expressing its great values and providing a way to stay in touch with its students.
Sustainable Makers Mobile e-Commerce

Sustainable Makers

We need a partner to help us build an innovative business, can we count on you? Thus was born the partnership between neev and the Sustainable Makers project, a store that has in its DNA the sustainability of the products it sells.
M&O Website


Nowadays, every company needs to mark its online presence. We were faced with the challenge of creating a simple and fast website that would disseminate this client's projects in an efficient and direct way.
Metacraft Website Mobile


Meta Craft are not your average code monkeys. This enterprise develops amazing mobile products and we are proud to have brought their website come to life.