Hi, we’re neev.

We are a software development company, focused on delivering value through the simplification of processes and the development of solutions tailored to our customers. We aim to take our partner companies to a level of knowledge of their customers that allows them to learn and adapt in an easy and agile way.
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Our multidisciplinary team

Who we are

We are a specialized team with extensive experience delivering value to our partners through software development tailored to their needs. We have already completed more than 20 projects for a total of 3 countries: Portugal, United Kingdom and United States of America.
    Miguel Silva
    Co-founder and CEO
    Miguel Teixeira
    Miguel Teixeira
    Co-founder, VP of Operations and Design Director
    Pedro Remelgado
    Pedro Remelgado
    Co-founder and Developer
    Filipa Costa
    Filipa Costa
    Web Developer

Corporate culture comes in many shapes and forms, but we are particularly proud of:

  • Smile

    Be good to each other

    We're open, friendly and honest. We don't play games and are here to show our best side.
  • Umbrella Icon

    Care about our team

    We care about each other, we collaborate, we help one another and we care about giving our clients the best experience.
  • Push the limits

    Crossing boundaries

    We love to break new ground and rejoice in the unknown. Always ask, "Why not?"
  • Anchor

    We live our values

    We live and breathe integrity, empathy and quality. Always and in everything we do.
  • Be good

    Love our users

    We listen to the user and also aim to perceive his unspoken needs.
  • Search

    Attention to details

    Paying attention to details is vital to produce high-quality work, be more efficient and worthy of our clients trust.

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