Institutional Website

Nowadays, every company needs to mark its online presence. We were faced with the challenge of creating a simple and fast website that would disseminate this client's projects in an efficient and direct way.
    M&O Promotion
    UI/UX & Development

The Process
From Scratch to Fully Operational

Analysis Phase

The Challenge
We need an online presence, help us

We were able to understand that it would be ideal to deliver a website where the client has control over the content to be inserted and that simplifies the back office. We studied the business and agreed that a good portfolio and strong visual communication were the key to an effective showcase of our client's products.
CMS Building

The Buildup
Let's make it customizable

We decided to develop a back office with Wordpress CMS, with customization of fields to improve usability. The layout was presented to the client, and after their approval, we started creating the solution. For a month and a half we showed the progress until we finally delivered the result, a responsive website with a simple and intuitive back office, elegant design and even SEO improvements to help consolidation in search engines.

The Result

We delivered a **fully customizable** website with *Wordpress* as the *CMS*, which gave our client the power to shape his website and autonomously add new projects, photos, articles and update his info.
M&O Promotion Website