Web Application Case Study

In this **digital transformation** project, the goal was to eliminate entropy between management, employees and customers. Our client works with wood products, and it was difficult for them to make accurate estimates for budgets and delivery dates.
Wood working
    Full Cycle
    Tech Stack
    PHP, JavaScript, CSS

The Process
From Scratch to Fully Operational

Analysis Phase

The Challenge
It all began with a business need

Managing different people, materials and orders is not easy. It was necessary to automate some processes, control times of different phases of the product cycle and with this, obtain metrics for better management of the procedures to be adopted. A means was also needed to contact the customer more effectively, allow online ordering and be able to keep track of what was happening with their order in real time.
Design Phase

The Buildup
Let's see how it will work

When we were contacted, the client already had a general idea of ​​what he wanted, which facilitated the outline of the solution. Some considerations needed to be made about the employees area, as they work with a touch screen and buttons needed to be larger and layout simplified for them to quickly access the product status.

The Making
Move Along, amazing project coming through

At this stage, the software contained features such as login, customer management, item creation, order status control system and administrative dashboard. From that point on, iterations were performed to add value to the platform. For example: sending automatic emails and SMSs, customer area and creation of internal orders.

The Result

Working together on a common platform has proven to be extremely beneficial for all parties involved. Customers can track the status of their orders and shipping, employees receive orders in real time, and management can gain valuable business insights with every interaction.
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