A reminder of progress

Miguel Teixeira
Miguel Teixeira
February 20th, 2023
neev technologies office

Today I’m thrilled to announce our new website — now available in public beta but will hit final version soon. It might not mean much, but for us is a reminder of our progress so far.

On the path to success

No path is an easy path when you want to pursue your dreams. Our story is no different.

We started as 3 individuals who complement one another. I am good at designing things (been told so 😄), Miguel is good at developing and paying attention to details and Pedro is our own personal genius and Swiss army knife. Together we work amazingly, and we feel as a team since day one. We faced many obstacles, and together always came out on top.

The results are clear, we have everything to be successful.


Commemorate the downfalls

There’s only one problem. None of us were ready to take the challenge of communication. It was always been done for us. The problems came, we fixed them, the issues arrived, we solved them, small, big, easy, hard, didn't matter - we always made everyone happy with our work.

This time, there were no problems, no challenges. We needed to go get them ourselves, and we failed so much. Oh boy we did. We learned the hard way that earning a new client is a hard task, that we must be careful with our estimates, manage client expectations and above all, accept the hard truth that somethings take time and we cannot take over the world by doing everything at once, because something will lack the detail we prize ourselves to offer.

3 years later, we commemorate the downfalls and laugh how naive we were. Nowadays clients are happier because they know we do our best, and from the moment we begin a new project, it gains all our attention and focus.

Thank you!

Today we thank our customers and friends for all the support and renew our promise to help people who trust us to realise their ideas and dreams.